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PHP MYSQL multidomain web hosting for a mouthful.


Everything you need for your website, domain and emails. Seamless operation of open source applications.


Above-average space for websites + domain + emails + professional support + powerful servers + ultra-fast Internet connection.


Webhosting365 - PHP MYSQL multidomain webhosting for a mouthful

Order Webhosting - 365,- Kč/year

Why with us

Price list

20 GB SSD (25 GB for files and databases, 5 GB for emails
365,- Kč/year
(1,- Kč/day)
+ 10 GB of space
Additional disk space for your data
+ 50,- Kč/month
+ daily backup
Backup of your data
+ 50,- Kč/month
+ unlimited aliases
Unlimited aliases
+ 50,- Kč/month
+ maxi Cron
+ 10,- Kč/month
+ Acces, Error logs
Your site logs
+ 50,- Kč/month
Data recovery for backups
Restore your data from backup
500,- Kč
These prices do not include VAT.